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New Zealand Colleges For International Students

Mildred Said: zealaenders please help me!! others can also answer it would be highly appreciated?

We Answered:

haha i'm sorry I am not from New Zealand or from India. I would suggest contacting a counslor at the school to see if they can send some information to you. ask what is the main newspaper of that city and there should be a website for new zealand newspaper I would thing just go to search.

Tiffany Said:

What is life like live in Auckland, New Zealand?

We Answered:

Not many people in New Zealand live in Apartments, and most of them tend to be small. For a 2 bedroom house the going rate is about $295 a week (nzd)

There is the University of Auckland- thats right in the heart of the city.

There is free to air TV, and no cable. (we call it satelite) Cable is quite expensive, and the free to air TV is rather good.

Food is quite expensive in New Zealand, but it is of quite a good quality.

Mobile phones are EXPENSIVE!!! However, landline phones are rather cheap, and come in packages. Dial up internet is v. cheap, however broardband is very expensive with very little downloading stuff.

You definatley need a car in Auckland. The public transport system is... not that great, and increadibly expensive.

Hope this has helped :)

Jessica Said:

Does anyone know about the TOEFL test for native English speakers?

We Answered:

you only have to take the test if your native language is not English. so you don't have to take it.

Dan Said:

Taking schooling abroad?

We Answered:

yes i know someone who has. you would be an international student, unless you were part of an exchange program. but there are a bunch of those that work with Canadian schools. my friends sister went and really enjoyed herself.

Bob Said:

International Student?

We Answered:

Community colleges don't really separate themselves from each other as far as academics are concerned. One is just as good as another. It really depends on where you want to live, or to which 4-year that you want to transfer. They are all fine for international students. I go to a community college in California, and the quality of the school surprisingly better than I had expected, but the unmotivated students kind of ruin the atmosphere. Lots of students who are just going because they're parents are probably forcing them.

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