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News For College Students

Javier Said:

Why do these nosey butt college students and reporters keep taking their butt to foreign countries, when they?

We Answered:

They can always plead insanity.

Jeffery Said:

Has anyone here written for their college student news paper?

We Answered:

It gives you exposure on campus and it gives you a certain "right" to ask tough questions of administrators which may result in interesting stories. If you're good enough, you might find a job in journalism.

Gloria Said:

For Koreans... What are the popular internet news websites for Korean College Students ???

We Answered:

Well, the most popular I think is

It's more of a search engine, but lots of news as well. Relatively popular for its news, more for its innovative search technique. There's also a "citizen news" website called

Students and regular citizens alike submit their own articles, it's very popular among students.

There's also another website, not sure if it's popular among college students though:

Hope that helps!

Sean Said:

Why do you think college students are more concerned with social issues than the economy as an election issue?

We Answered:

Well, just as speculation, job outlook would generally be relevant only to those about to leave college. On the other hand, college is often a person's first foray on their own, away from parents.

So, social issues are more immediately relevant to most college students than job outlook.

Seth Said:

When college athletes are on the news, why do they speak like they are failing English all the time?

We Answered:

In the case of major conference, men's D-1 football & basketball athletes, most of them aren't really being educated - they are at college to play ball and bring in money for the school from boosters. There are, of course, exceptions, but by and large, a lot of these kids are getting through their school years without putting forth much effort. Mostly, because they're prepping for a life as a professional athlete.

The kids who know they won't be making it big in pro sports, however, tend to be just as erudite as the next college student.

In those sports with less money involved - baseball, hockey, tennis, swimming, track, golf, lacrosse, etc., you tend to see athletes with average or higher levels of education.

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