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Number Of College Students

Barbara Said:

How many college students are there in Los Angeles (ballpark)?

We Answered:

Well, it depends on if you're only counting big name private schools, UCs, Cal States, and Community Colleges, or if you're including small, unaccredited institutions. If you include all, there are about 300,000 "colleges and universities" near LA, many of which have 2 or 3 students at a time (I was a curriculum developer for one that only granted Master's degrees in Public Administration, with an average of 5 students at a time). There's the Long Beach Bible College or the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture colleges and things like that, but I will not count them.

I'm going to include some of the "big" schools in LA County:
Cal State LA
Cal State Long Beach
Cal State Dominguez Hills
Cal State Northridge
Cal Poly Pomona
El Camino College
Mt. San Antonio College
Mt. Saint Mary's College
Santa Monica College
Long Beach City College
Pierce College
Occidental College
LA Southwest College (I teach here)
West LA College
Loyola Marymount University
LA Harbor College
Pasadena City College
Cal Tech

I'll just stop there and low ball. Most of these schools have student populations between about 10,000 and 40,000, so let's just average it to 20,000 x 20 = 400,000. Its probably closer to 600,000 though. (According to the LA Community College District, there are 135,000 students in the Community Colleges alone, which doesn't include the bigger ones like Mt. SAC, Long Beach, and El Camino)

So, realizing I didn't even include some popular colleges like Cal Design College, Otis, Pepperdine, National, Phoenix, and Antioch I think the actual number of people in some kind of institution that can call itself a college in LA is somewhere hovering around 1 million people.

Mary Said:

Does anyone know of a site that will give me an accurate number of college students over 40 years old?

We Answered:

Try these Dept of Ed links:……

Snoop around at and you may find more...

Julia Said:

What US cities have the largest number of college students?

We Answered:




Franklin Said:

Does the "Number of college students in household" really affect financial aid?

We Answered:

I love people who just throw out these answers and they have no idea what they are talking about.

The answer that you provide to the FAFSA question about household size impacts the calculation of the EFC significantly.

To start, "household" size determines which of the FAFSA worksheets and formulas are used to calculate the EFC.

I'm assuming that you and your wife are not receiving disability benefits and that you have no other unusual circumstances that you didn't mention - so the appropriate EFC worksheet for your situation is "Regular Worksheet B", for "independent students without dependent(s) other than spouse".

On the non-married student worksheet, you would have been allowed an automatic "income protection allowance" of $3080 (this amount is subtracted from the income that you reported)

On the married student worksheet, you are entitled to an automatic "income protection allowance" of $6620 if your wife is enrolled more than 1/2 time and $9970 if she is enrolled less than 1/2 time.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY - when you get to the final lines of the EFC worksheet, where the actual EFC is calculated, the formula looks like this:

(Contribution from available income PLUS Contribution from Assets) DIVIDED BY number in college in 2008-2009 EQUALS Estimated Family Contribution.

Now can you imagine a bigger effect than that?

Forget about "rocking the boat". If you want the greatest possible financial assistance, you should update and correct your FAFSA submission right away.

(shame on whoever told you it didn't matter)

I hope that helps.

Nicole Said:

did the number of college students drinking increase or decrease in the past decade?

We Answered:


I'm a statistics major and can give you this piece of logic.

The method used to gather this information will determine your answer.

It is highly unlikely to get accurate, information.

How many students really know the answer to that, even if they intend on answering honestly.

Also, are you measuring the % of students who drink?

Are you measuring the gross number of college students who drink (which means that drinking can go down, but the population can increasing, thus giving you a false conclusion as to what the data suggests).

Susan Said:

What is the average number of courses that college students take over the summer?

We Answered:

Most schools allow you to take 6 hours each of the two summer terms. Courses range from 1-4 hours each, but most are 3 hours. So that would be two each term, or four over the summer. Schools will make an exception for you so you can take one four-hour course and three three-hour courses; occasionally, if you do well, a school may make an exception, especially in graduate school, for the course rotation to come out, for you to take more in order to graduate in a timely manner.

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We cannot say exact count of number as the number will be varying from time to time. As los angles being big city mainly we must focus on colleges at that place and then go for a count. By, just checking the college websites we cannot get the exact number.