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Nursing Internships For College Students

Katie Said:

Advice on whether I should consider this Internship?

We Answered:

They're not likely to consider you, they'd look for someone whose major is a related field.

Beatrice Said:

college help please.. do i have a chance?

We Answered:


I encourage you to look through those two websites, or email their Admissions Offices.
From the information you've given, it seems like you've got more than enough going for you. Keep studying and working on your grades (too many C's can be detrimental), and don't slack off during your senior year. But I doubt you'll have trouble getting into either school as long as you keep up the good work.

Best of luck.

Vernon Said:

college help, can i get in? 10 points?

We Answered:

I think you have a good chance at NC State(My dream school) but UNC is a bit of a reach.

Delores Said:

please help, do i have a chance at college?

We Answered:

Yes you do.
GO for it.

Steven Said:

What is a better nursing school, New mexico state or university of new MExico?

We Answered:

Both would accept you, but NMSU is easier to get into since they will accept about anyone that has a 15+ on their ACT. NMSU has an excellent nursing program, at UNM there is a wait.

Alexander Said:

What career path should I choose? Nursing or Graphic Design?

We Answered:

Nursing is hard and not a whole lot of fun. I like people, and I like biology and I thought I liked medicine, but nursing just sucks the life out of me. This is not just my opinion, just about everyone in my class feels the same way.

The only reason you should chose nursing is if you want to be set for money for life. Also, try shadowing (following) a nurse around for a day. If you like what they do, THEN go for nursing. But it is an intense program and career.

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