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Obama Grants For College Students

Margie Said:

When does the Obama higher education plan begin?

We Answered:

Wait until he prints more money to pay for it.

Erin Said:

Someone explain a part of Obama's education plan. The part for college students community service or military?

We Answered:

It's called Compulsory Public Service, think of it as white slavery, or at least indentured servitude. It's mandatory volunteering to pay off your college debts, or to make you eligible for the loans in the first place. The Government, in their infinite wisdom, will decide on what job you would do, where you would do it, and for how long it would need to be done.
Good job with the voting btw...wasn't that fun?
You didn't actually think all this free stuff was going to be free, did you?

Willie Said:

Why is Obama being credited for offering to make college accessable to more people?

We Answered:

A lot of those grant and loan programs were reduced under the Bush administration. They aren't impossible to get, there is just a lot fewer of them available. Obama will make it easier for a kid to go to college than McCain would, but giving Obama credit for making college accessible is a pretty wild exaggeration.

KJ--you seem to be suffering from that Republican notion that family values are something that everyone shares. It would be nice if it were true, but it isn't. There are parents out there who don't give a crap about their kids (as evidenced by those who drop teens off at the hospital for adoption). A child shouldn't be denied an education because his parents didn't feel like providing one. That just puts one more poor, pssed off smart guy out there to bring the country down rather than build it up.

And anyone listnening to Mark, be sure to follow his link. He didn't exactly lie, but a good look at the site he took you to will show you the real difference between democrats and republicans on education.

Leon Said:

Why did they yank my college grants?

We Answered:

Your aid is dependent on what she made LAST year, not what she made THIS year so her being laid off this summer would not have effected any numbers on her 2008 income tax forms. (Or on your 09-10 fafsa application).

It sounds like this is what has happened:

By going back and changing her income information (which was ALREADY deemed correct because you were awarded the Pell grant and the other aid) you inadvertently flagged YOURSELF for verification. In other words, they KNEW the info was correct before, and you changing it made it incorrect. Thus the verification process. So NOW you have to go through the time consuming verification process to get your fafsa correct (again) before you will be eligible for your aid.

The best thing to do is contact your schools fin aid office and tell them your mistake and ask what the best and fastest way to correct this.

Be aware, most students bring on the verification process themselves, either by entering inconsistent info on the fafsa unknowingly - usually not reading or understanding the application - or by making excessive corrections to things that should not be corrected - as in your case. Your moms income last year stayed the same regardless of her being laid off after the 2008 year was over.

I don't know what to tell you about the scholarship, other than ask the school if they didn't awarded it someone else.
Hope this helps!!!

Megan Said:

What do you think about Obama's college friend saying he was a marxist?

We Answered:

People don't lie?

Discuss It!

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