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Odd Jobs For College Students

Harry Said:

What do you think of Yerpin.Com?

We Answered:

That's an awesome idea as and a creative name! I will pass this along to my friends who are in college.

Sherry Said:

What are some easy or odd part-time jobs, ideal for a student?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Anna Said:

COLLEGE STUDENTS! How did you pick a major?

We Answered:

Most bio majors require calculus. If you stopped at algebra I and it wasn't making sense, you'll probably have to start (and should start) with remedial math classes. Everyone on here who doesn't do well in math claims to have a disability, but chances are good you're just bad at it and can get better with a lot of work.

Kristin Said:

side income for college students?

We Answered:

I put myself through school selling body jewelry on ebay.
I decided on body jewelry by thinking about the 4 or 5 most expensive things I purchased in the last 30 days, then researched online where I could find them for cheap. I sold 10,000 belly rings in one month, the best part about the business, I could stop it during finals, and start it hard during slow times, or off times in school.

Be creative, and find something you enjoy, then you will be able to put in the hours to make some extra money. Good Luck

Danielle Said:

Odd for college student to live with parents?

We Answered:

Of course, it's perfectly fine. I know people who didn't move out until they were 27. Like they told you, if you move out prematurely, with the current condition of the economy you're likely to be forced to come back anyway, which will be even more embarrassing. You are still a college student, so I don't see any problem. In fact, you would be stupid to not live with your parents and waste money on rent when they live close to your college.

Andrew Said:

How can a student make quick cash without a job?

We Answered:

Buy used books that you can sell back, they're just as good as the new books.

See if you can pay later for your books, if possible.

Some local landscaping, roofing, and similar jobs may offer you an "odd job", as a temporary, one time worker, essentially "work on this house, we'll pay you, you're done". I've got a friend who has done this recently.

Deliver pizzas, newspapers, phone books, or other items.

A week is a very short time to raise money for college text books, with more time it'd be more feasible, but it's very likely you will either have to borrow money or study with a friend and use/share their books for now.

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