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Online Colleges For International Students

Suzanne Said:

Cheapest U.S. online college tuition for international students?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Wanda Said:

Help with Colleges/Universities?

We Answered:

you can find your answer in

Jamie Said:

Can I go to college online internationally?

We Answered:

Almost all online colleges accept international students. The fact is that when it comes to online colleges, location doesnt matter. So whether yo have moved to canada or afghanistan or mars, you can still pursue a degree online.
There are many online colleges out there. They offer different courses. You didnt mention which course you were interested in. Anyways i couldnt listing down all the colleges but here is website that has a list of online accredited colleges.
Which ever college you choose, make sure it is accredited other wise you will waste your monay and time.
hope that helps.
Do vote my answer as the best =)

Lewis Said:

what are colleges that offer courses online?

We Answered:

there are many colleges which provides online courses just check out this website

For online courses visit

Nora Said:

How can you become a nurse without majoring in nursing in college?

We Answered:

It's because every state requires you to have clinical experience which is physically at a hospital.

Initial licensure for RN's does NOT exist, that is why you can't find a program.

What I would suggest, is complete a nursing program in Japan, and then find out what you have to do to transfer here. Usually if you have a foreign degree, and can demonstrate proficiency in English (which you can clearly do), you can challenge the don't have to complete an entire nursing program here too.

There are alot of nurses that come to the USA from other countries.

April Said:

online classes for international students?

We Answered:

You would have to pay international student fees as far as I know.…

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