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Online Scholarships For College Students

Clayton Said:

Everyone says "there's lots of money out there for college students", but where?

We Answered:

Remember that most of the "everyones" who say that are trying to sell a book or a scholarship search service. Yes, there is a lot of money for college students, but most of it comes from the colleges themselves. That's the first and best place to start looking.

Contrary to a previous answer, FastWeb IS a good scholarship search tool - I would in no way call it "spam" - and there are at least two others: and the College Board's scholarship tool at… . The reason why FastWeb doesn't seem to be very productive is because most of the private scholarships that ARE available are either very narrowly targeted (certain majors, certain colleges, religious affiliation, etc.), are open to every high school student applying for college this year in the entire country, or fall into the category I would call "local". Local scholarships are given by businesses to students in the communities in which they operate, by churches, by local service organizations like American Legion and Chambers of Commerce. A student in Ohio wouldn't have access to such awards in another state or even another community. Your time will be best spent researching these local sources in your area and in contacting the financial aid office of the school she wants to attend.

Priscilla Said:

How can I get money for college?

We Answered:

Have you considered working for the college where you attend? They offer a nice benefits package along with some help for the college tuition if you work full time. There should be a link on their website for it. Good luck!

Gerald Said:

what other money can I get to pay for online college?

We Answered:

There are ways that exist, but you may need education and experience.

For example, I'm a freelance writer. My two main clients are both online companies (Demand Media Studios and Break Studios).
If you have an English or journalism degree or education/experience in writing or journalism, send in your application and resume.

If you have no experience in that area, but still want to write and earn money through page views or Google clicks, try Yahoo Contributor site (formerly Associated Content) or Bukisa.

If you're not a writer and want to make a bit of extra cash another way, such as tweeting, try Sponsored Tweets. You get paid for tweeting ads for sponsors.
It's not a way of making a lot of income, but it's okay for extra money. Works for me, anyway. It does take a bit of time getting started because you have to wait for offers and opportunities to come. When you first sign up, there should be a few opportunities to look into. For me, within the next few hours, I had a couple of offers.
It advises that new people with a small amount of followers start at $.10 CPC (cost per click) rate. I've found that you can make a few dollars every few days that way.
It's not a lot, but it's extra money for practically sitting around and doing no work for it.

These are ways that I make money online.

I used to be a teacher, but now I'm a freelance writer. The two companies, BS and DMS, are ones that I make a real income with.

I use Y! Contributor and Bukisa on the side for extra money, and I use Sponsored Tweets with my Twitter account ( also for extra cash on the side. With these, I practically sit back and do nothing to get the extra money, which is great so I can focus on all of my writing deadlines for DMS and BS.

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