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Online Tutoring Jobs For College Students

Eleanor Said:

Does anyone have any advice for LEGIT home-based jobs/on-line jobs?

We Answered:

oh well,there are many home based jobs available on net but the thing is that there also many spammers among them too. so all u need to do is NEVER PAY ANYONE ANYTHING AT ALL FOR A JOB YOU DO FOR THEM AND NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING THEY MAY SOUND. COZ THEN THEY HAVE A CHANCE TO BE A SCAM.
anyways i do a home job without paying anyone anything atall and earn a satisfactory income too.for more details on the job please visit the following sites. i hope you find the job you are looking for real soon. all the best!!!

Jeanne Said:

Where can I find flexible online jobs?

We Answered:

You Tutor other students; what state are you in-more info. needed here.

Terrance Said:

McDonald's Job Help, and other help with finding work with little/no experience.?

We Answered:

i am 19, in college, and struggling to find a job too. ;[
keep trying. get a letter of recommendation from your professors, write cover letters, make phone calls.. do whatever it takes. every day i go out and apply to a new job. just keep pursuing it and show interest. eventually, someone will see how determined you are and give you a chance.

Raul Said:

How do you apply for jobs online through craigslist ads?

We Answered:

I hope you are aware that there are a lot of scams on craigslist.
Never give anyone your social security number.
There is no job - some are just out there to get this from you and steal your identity.
Sometimes if they see you are 18, they might want you a bit older since they want people with established credit they can steal.
In conclusion: never give any site your ss number.
If they ask for your date of birth do not give them the exact date
Ex: 2/2/90 use 2/1/90
When you get the job offer then you can explain that you were being careful and for them to change it.
But chances are that 99% of these jobs are scams.
Being under 21 is saving you right now.
New laws made it impossible for anyone under 21 to get a credit card.

Philip Said:

which online tutoring is the best for college biology (physiology, anatomy, microbiology, chemistry)?

We Answered:
and utube
they're all you really need
and they're free
because if you don''t study you're not gonna make it anyway

use mnemonics
draw pictures with each item a different color
label each item with a matching color to the item
hard work is the only thing that's gonna get you through this

you can't buy that
i got an A
i graduate at the end of this semester
you can do it too
best of luck

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