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Opportunities For College Graduates

Dora Said:

Opportunities in the Navy after graduating college with a degree in Mechanical engineering?

We Answered:

You will likely end up as the equivalent of "Scotty" on a navy ship or submarine.

Debbie Said:

Are there international business opportunities in Brazil for a recent college grad?

We Answered:

Brazil is way ahead of us in energy, especially biofuels. That field will be gaining importance in the next few years in the U.S. and there will probably be consulting jobs available between the U.S. energy industry and Brazil's.

Mario Said:

Do you agree if college graduates took part in politics, we can have a better nation?

We Answered:

I like how the idiots above me didn't even realize that this question doesn't apply to the US.

Yes young college graduates would be great not just for Indian politics but South Asian politics. I don't know much about Indian society, but in Nepal, there is a serious economic drain in all levels of society: rich, middle class, and poor and the only people left running things are uneducated and lazy. If the country could attracted the educated back, things would be better. This can only be done with economic opportunity, which can be provided by the few shrewd industrialists left there.

Victor Said:

Any tips for college graduates trying to find jobs out of state?

We Answered:

Does your college have placement assistance, and do they have "sister colleges" in other states? That would be a good start.

I've had to coordinate several out-of-state interviews, which typically start with a phone screening interview with HR, then a longer phone interview with the hiring manager. If we feel we're really interested at that point, we'll try to get the candidate in the office for an in-person interview. Ideally, you could get a few potential jobs lined up around the same time and schedule a "vacation" to interview with each one, but that rarely works out.

As far as your cover letter, you should modify it to be specific to each position/company/location you're applying to. Explain why you're looking for a job in that specific area and for that specific company, and let them know up front that you'd be willing to pay your own moving expenses. That way they know you're not just a graduate looking to use a company to pay your expenses to move to a new area, but that you're a serious candidate. Then give them an idea of how you could make yourself available for an interview - would you be willing to fly out for a final interview? Can you only do interviews by phone? And if you're going to be in their area any time soon, make sure you let them know that too. The more questions you can answer in your cover letter, the more comfortable they may be with interviewing you in the first place. Of course, the more flexible you can be logistically, the better your chances.

Good luck!

Vickie Said:

Are there big opportunities in Philippines compare to spain?

We Answered:

Yes. Great opportunities for corruption. The Philippine is now number one if corruption is the issue.

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