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Part Time Job For College Students

Chris Said:

How to find a part time job for college students.?

We Answered:

Hi Kat,

Ideally, you should procure a directory for the area that you are interested in - try your local library. Secondly, you need to know the type of work that you are interested in. Then target any company or organization with 'speculative letters of application' for part-time work. Responding to advertisements is a very slow process and also there will usually be many applicants.

When you make a 'speculative application' you have no competitors unless some kindred spirit has the same idea as you. If possible, purchase a copy of 'What Color is Your Parachute' - a Job Search and Career Change Bible by Richard N Bolles. This will provide you with lots of valuable information about Job Search. Job Search is hard work and has to be treated as a full-time job if you wish to succeed.

Suggestion: Take a day off if possible and with a full Gas Tank, trawl the localities that may provide you with part-time opportunities. Simply check with the receptionist and ask to see the person who does the hiring. Her job is to act as a buffer between you and the person you need to see, so if they use any stalling tactic, like - we are not hiring at the moment - you simply say, that's fine, however, I would still like to make an appointment to see (name) hiring person. Alternativel, if (name) is not available make an appointment to see him/her to fit in with your discretionary time. Keep smiling as you do this.

Layout for a speculative Job Search letter: (A4 Sheet of paper)
Your Name and Address.
Phone contact

Company Name and Address

Dear (Name)

Subject: Speculative Part-Time Job Application - Centre this on the page.

In the event that now or at a later time you have a vacancy for a part-time worker, I would be plesed to interview for the vacancy.

You then tell them some good stuff about yourself and attach copies of anything that will support your application.

At the conclusion, inform them that you will follow up with them in 4/5 days for an appointment.

You will realize that it is important that you keep a record, day, date name of company etc because you will be writing more than one job application.

Best wishes for your success

Kay Said:

What's a good part time job at night for college students?

We Answered:

Night desk at a hotel/motel or apartment complex, reception at 24 hour Fitness, data entry. You could always try the old stand-by- waiting tables or bartending.

Pauline Said:

Which is the best part time job for college students in chennai.?

We Answered:

salesman job in malls...

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