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Part Time Job Search For College Students

Mitchell Said:

<As a student> Is it worth looking for a part time job at the moment?

We Answered:

yeah working is foremost you should have job experience to get a better job in future so you should start from now.

Christy Said:

I'm a full-time college student with 3 different part-time job offers. Which one should I pick if any?

We Answered:


The first one sounds like retail and retail really can suck if you don't like interacting face-to-face with people. And people can be nasty.

The second one is a temp job and with temp jobs, even if they say it's temp-to-hire, the likelihood of being hired is miniscule.

The UPS job sounds like it has good hours for you. It pays all right and they offer benefits! Benefits for a part-time job is amazing! And UPS is known to give decent raises and has a pretty good rep as a place to work.

Sonia Said:

What are some good career search engines?

We Answered:

Many states have set-up career search engines on the state portal. This was done I believe in response to the difficult economic times as of late. Check craigslist, the state site you are considering working in, monster, etc. Good luck!

Arlene Said:

Part-time job search going on. What should I be expecting?

We Answered:

Starbucks is a great company to work with. Dress nice, walk in and ask for an application. Then, do that at other coffee shops, book stores and places that you can work in a good clean atmosphere. Also, colleges have a job board, may want to check with the college office. And, google "job seeker group, church and your zip code" to network and speak with those who would like to help you out - of course this is a free service. Local churches are there to help college students, call them too.

Roy Said:

How do I motivate myself to want a part-time job (When I get free housing at home w/ parents)?

We Answered:

I'm everything you just said except I am 22 years old, and trying my best to find a job... I also have 0 social life, and there are times when I wish to have someone to talk to.. There are times when I get so lonely, I get so depressed I always question God "what's the point in living?" I see no purpose. There are times when I cry, trying to force the tears to pop out my eye so I can feel better.. Yes, I like the fact you are going to college, and you have your parents to give you shelter.. But one day, just one day you'll going to break down. I was once 19, and I was just like you but as I got alot older I think about my future more. Who knows when will life ends? Will I ever find somebody to hang out with or perhaps a companionship? You're 19, and is still young but 3 years will flash by really really quick. Did I mention I was just like you, and is now 22?
I guess my point is being lonely and jobless sucks, sooner or later you're going to break down. Why else would you here questioning strangers on Y/A?

Vicki Said:

Do any domestic airlines hire part-time weekend flight attendants?

We Answered:

not for being a flight attendant. no US carrier is even hiring now. but you can work as gate agent, ramp, or other dept. between EWR, LGA, & JFK you will have many airlines to see if they are hiring.

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