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Part Time Jobs For College Students

Edith Said:

Best/higher paying part-time jobs for college students?

We Answered:

If you get good grades, my suggestion is tutoring. If you can teach English or another language, you can become a teacher for those private after school programs.

Georgia Said:

Why don't part time jobs hire college students?

We Answered:

Number one reason = college students are busy while high schoolers are not.

Around exam time or deadline crunches, you might need time off. That never happens to high school students. They have all the time in the world. It just makes sense to hire someone who is more flexible for a job that does not need the "most qualified" person for the job, people can learn the job with training and experience. If the job needed the most qualified people, it probably would not be part-time.

What do you mean dumb down your application? Omit the fact that you are in college, or just rework it so it looks like a high school kid made your resume? The former is dishonest, and the latter makes you look like an idiot. I do not see why this would help.

Edit: Why did you just restate your question with mostly the same words 8 hours later? You have a horrible attitude. Stop calling people idiots. You obviously just want to hear affirmation of what you want to hear. Keep fishing I guess. Some people want high school students, independent of scheduling, and also because after summer they may be able to hold onto them. For someone who is so intelligent, you cannot seem to connect the simple dots. Good luck job hunting. I am sure the people who did not hire you missed out on a whole lot by not hiring someone as educated and quality as you. Goodness.

Edith Said:

College students, what part time jobs do you have?

We Answered:

i'm a part-time receptionist at an engineering company. last semester i worked 20 hrs. and took 13 hrs of school (probably could have taken more, but didn't). i also live at home so i don't really have any living expenses.

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