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Part Time Jobs In Chennai For College Students

Deborah Said:

i am an UG final year student can i get any part time job now and tell where?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Leonard Said:

Should i move or childhood's been horrible......?

We Answered:

sit with your dad tell him your problems i am sure he will understand. Why don't you stay in some hostel or something( may be a relatives house in Chennai) while your father continues his journey? tell him you will join him after 2 years.

Viola Said:

should i move or childhood's been horrible......?

We Answered:

I personally would tell my dad what I feel about moving around so much. If at first he doesn't agree then don't get your hopes down, He may change his mind. If he truly love you and respects the duty of having a teenager in his care then he must realize that family comes first before anything else. He should respect your opinion and do everything he can to make you happy and become satisfied with the choice.

Lorraine Said:

abt gre and admission in Usa?

We Answered:

Most of the information you need can be found here:

GRE information:…

TOEFL information:…

In order for anyone to help you generate a list of US universities to which to apply, you must specify your field of study.

I wish you every success.

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Paket Pulau Pramuka said:

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