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Part Time Online Jobs For College Students

Sonia Said:

Where can I find a part time job in southern ohio?

We Answered:

You need to get out on the street and start visiting retail stores and fast food restaurants. Relying on a school resource center won't help because many businesses that hire for part-time help won't list their openings.

Even if the places you visit are not hiring at the moment, you should turn in an application because things can change from day to day.

Charles Said:

What would be a good part-time job for a full time college student that doesn't involve food or telemarketing?

We Answered:

Try a retail job in an area that interests you. If you're a reader, try a book store. If you're a computer geek, try a computer store. Outdoorsy type? Sporting goods store.

Dana Said:

How to WORK ONLINE as Part time job ?

We Answered:

Many have cautioned you about the possible scams; they are right in advising you so. Keep your options wider for earning thru part time jobs - not just with online jobs only. Keep trying other options as well like coaching, helping school kids in their projects for a fee, take-up support assignments with nearby Micro and Small industrial units on part time basis, join nearby established Consulting Professionals in practice by helping them in their assignments....besides of course exploring genuine online jobs coming your way in due course. I appreciate your feelings not to be a burden on your parents, still it might take a little while to find source of earning for you, you need to be both sensible and patient. Meantime, curtail your expenses to the maximum extent - as money saved is equal to money earned! Good Luck and keep your efforts on sincerely.

Timothy Said:

can I actually get paid if I work part time job from home, or is it just a lie to try to steal my money?

We Answered:

Most of what you're seeing and looking at and for are scams.

No, you cannot get paid $200 (or $100, or $50, or $10) a day just by entering some information. There's even a poster here who's promoting these online surveys and at least she's providing links to actual checks she's received. (The fine print reveals she gets paid extra by those companies for posting those checks online.) Still, they're for small amounts of money--like $30 a month.

You're a college student. You're a smart kid. Figure out something people really will be willing to pay you for. One caution: It's difficult to make "easy money." Extra: Yes. Even good money: Yes. But "easy money"? Very, very rare.

Oh, and never pay an up-front registration fee. Never.

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