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Part Time Work For College Students

Nathaniel Said:

Is there part time work for college students in Japan(Tokyo)?

We Answered:

Your college also has to agree to you working while attending school if you are in the country on a student visa, you are also severely limited in hours you can work something like maximum of 10-20 hours.

As others have said, English teaching or conversation schools if they would hire you as a non college grad would be the best since the pay is decent for the hours you have to work, and its mostly unskilled labor. If your Japanese language skills are good, you could get a job many places, if they would hire a gaijin.

Jay Said:

Do most college students work part time?

We Answered:

I worked the entire time I was in college. Sometimes I even did full-time work in the evenings. I graduated with a GPA of 3.64. I know many folks who work while in college. Try it and if the work load becomes too much, you can always scale back. It looks good on a resume to show that you worked and/or volunteered in your course of study while you were in college.

Keith Said:

Do most college students in the US work part-time to pay for their school fees?

We Answered:

I live near UAB & my son is curently a college student. Most students at UAB work Full-Time while handling a Full-College schedule as well. Even when I was in college (mid 80s) most of my College class-mates worked full-time.

Part-time was while in High School

The kids who are lucky enough to have their parents pay for either the full cost of college, books, and food or the ones who have everything paid for are fortunate enough to be able to afford working part-time while in college

In reading the post below mine... Of Course, you can get loans.... a guy just graduated Optometry School with a laon balance of $125,000 (yes one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars) --- how many years of "scrimping" will he now have to do and how much overtime will he have to work to pay that back off?

This is why many choose to work while in school so they aren't starting out thier career in debt --- and aside from the rare few with full scholarships.. I have never heard of any one of these students have full finacial aid that also provides them student housing (unless they took out a student loan). I don't know about where you are going to school; however, student housing is @ $6,000 a year & it is a requirement that you buy a meal package for another @ $3,000 per year that is in addition to tuition, books, and student fees --- so in other words... thos kids who are working full-time... they are having to live by "Skrimping" as well... no luxuries for a person paying to go to college (sometimes luxury is even defined as a car... most of them only own a bicycle), unless they take out student loans & then put themselves in inevitable debt-hell for many, many years of thier lives

Christian Said:

Are there special housing rates in NYC for part-time college students from out of state?

We Answered:

I'm not sure of the specials you speak of but most city based universities do offfer sutdent housing - my bro-in-law is a graduate of columbia university he utilized student appartments - although he grew up in NYC

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