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Photos College Students

Steven Said:

Any place I can find photos or videos of the Buffalo State College Student Union Pub from the early 80's?

We Answered:

Hi , i am feel happy to answer your question, u love nature and beauty of life , which is most impotent factar in the human being, if u r intrested to travel of the i suggest u to site, which is helpful to u.

Michele Said:

Are there any car donation places for College Students?

We Answered:

Might try your local high school auto shop. They repair donated cars and then sell them for cost.

Jean Said:

My room is kind of dull, I'm a college student and have photos I want to put up in my room...?

We Answered:

My suggestion would be Balsa Wood - get sheets of it and paint it all the colours of the rainbow then cut out squares and stick yur piccys in the back.

Or - try the opshops - get a handful of frames that don't match and give them all a couple of coats of spray paint in the same colour to tie them all in together.

Or - Hang ribbon or string down or across your walls and get some of those teeny tiny little pegs in some cools colours - No frames needed then and you can also use the ribbon/pegs for keeping invitations and just bits and peices that you find interesting.

Joann Said:

Any suggestions for a good photo sharing website for college students living away from home?

We Answered:

Try this site you upload your photos and then send them to anyone you want to see them they are then invited to see them. In otherwords only the people you want to see them can access them.

Good Luck


Franklin Said:

dose any one do free photo shop like college students / fun ?

We Answered:

Picnik, FotoFlexer or Lunapic are great all round web based and FREE editing tools. Adobe, makers of the expensive Photoshop, now has a free website version in Photoshop Express. If you need/want more features downloading GIMP is a great options. Still free, but you have to download the software. There are also free tools to add text blurbs, to make collages, to put your photo into other images. There are a number of tools that allow you to put the image of a face into other photos for some fun creations. Check out the links below for more ideas.

Kim Said:

Does Obama market himself to college students the same way ALCOHOL markets themselves to college students?

We Answered:

The people who are voting for him are not 15, and they're not all in college. HE has strong support among all age groups, particularly in among people 40-59.

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