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Planners For College Students

Anna Said:

College students...easy points!!! LOOK! : )?

We Answered:

1) Have your finances prepared before you get to campus
2) save as much cash as you can before you get to campus BUT withdraw it when FAFSA time comes around that way you can get some more financial aid
3) offers terrific scholarships
4) Laptops and printers are pretty cool depending upon the availability of computers on your campus. Mine had a computer lab on the first floor so I had 24/7 internet access whenever I wanted to give my laptop a break...But i was screwed when the printer had problems and I had a class in like 2 minutes
5) Always arrive to class five to fifteen minutes early, some professors like to start class earlier than the time scheduled
6) Take advantage of as much tutoring and help you can get for free.
7) Check out the college before you arrive
8) You dont have to buy much stuff when you get ready to get to campus, most likely there is a Walmart or whatever there so you can purchase the heavier items there.
9) Weekly budgets are nice so that you will not end up having to sell items on ebay for a bus ride home.
10) Save cash for Black Friday in November for the things that you really want like a plasma for two hundred bux
11) Organize your notes before the end of the day
12) When you get to class its best to sit in the front that way you can get better notes and most likely the professor will notice you.
13) Learn about the social life of the town that way you wont be stuck in your dorm on a friday night
14) learn about the town a bit.
15) if you are a religious person learn about the locall churches in the area
16) Choose your classes ahead of time that way you can scout the books on ebay or get them somewhere else real cheap.
17) recap all of your work each night or at least each week that way you will be aware of all the stuff to study on during your finals
18) do not become dependent upon caffeine for that leads to a serious downfall
19) buy a calling card to keep in contact with your family
20) If dorms are too expensive try checking out apartments in the area.
21) All nighters are pointless and leave you unable to focus the next day.
22) Youtube is a cool way to catch the shows you missed but not really wise if you have an exam in a few hours
23) its okay to switch your major within the first year, sometimes its best to just go undeclared or liberal arts until the end of next year.
24) It is probably best to have a daily planner that way you will most likely stick to the schedule.
25) If you meet a guy at a party watch your drink and remember that HE NEVER HAS A FUTON or spare bed for you to crash on!
26) set some ground rules with your roomate if you are stuck with one
27) have fun!!!

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