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Political Internships For College Students

Alice Said:

PLEASE HELP: Dream School UCLA: Community College 4 W and 1 D?

We Answered:

Honestly, what this transcript would say to me was not that you were immature, but that you had trouble with calculus and chemistry (if your W's and D had been in a lot of different classes, it would have looked more to me like immaturity). You could try this tactic, but don't count on a top school like UCLA accepting you. Furthermore, in 3 years or so your life may be in a very different place and you may not be in a position to go back to school. I think that if I were you at this point, I would recognize that a "dream school" is just that - a dream - and would accept that I might be looking at a different stratum of schools. If you end up doing well as an undergrad, you might end up back at UCLA for a grad degree, if it still matters to you (I have to tell you that having started college at UCLA, I hated it, but it was fine when I went back later for a graduate degree).

Christine Said:

Are there any websites that might help me find an internship where they offer paid trips to Washington d.c?

We Answered: - try their database. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Gabriel Said:

How can I get involved in local politics?

We Answered:

Attend convention headquarters and all conventions and get involved. They always need people to help.

Lisa Said:

I'm starting to panic/get nervous a little about the college I've just been accepted early decision to. Advice?

We Answered:

You just have to make the most of any education you get elitist or not. It is up to you to make the most of of your educational experiences.

Kelly Said:

Where can I find internships?

We Answered:

VERY SIMPLE: Most places want interns who are considered adults, that is they have reached the age of majority .

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