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Presents For College Students

Sam Said:

is the value of a college degree decreasing (need opinions from past and presents college students)?

We Answered:

No no, you're right. In my father's generation it wasn't required to have a college degree to get by. Today it is. I too was surprised how dumbed-down a lot of college was. But, I guess that's going to come from having more people in college. And if the colleges are faced with the choice of A, maintaining their standards and denying a horde of C- students, or B, lowering their standards and taking the money so that everyone who can afford one can get a college degree, in a lot of cases, they chose the latter.

Edward Said:

Past/present college students.... help! I'm homesick!?

We Answered:

Talk to them as much as possible. I never had much of a problem being away from home because my mom would go on Instant Messenger all the time and we could just chat whenever. Try video chatting, maybe? Skype is good for that. Make sure to send a present and card in the mail for your mom and, and talk to her on the day. It sucks that you can't be with her, but she's probably actually really happy and proud of you right now, and she understands why you're not there.

Go out and do things. If you're distracted, you won't feel the homesickness. Take advantage of any dorm events to meet people. I can almost guarantee you that everyone else is just as homesick as you are. If you can't go out, read a book or watch TV or something. Distractions, distractions, distractions. The first week or two are always the worst, but the homesickness WILL pass with time, I promise. You'll start making friends, and suddenly you'll find college is amazingly fun.

Brad Said:

Home-made picture presents for college students?

We Answered:

Buy iron on printer paper from your local craft store and print a picture of whatever you think they would like onto the paper. Then iron it onto a shirt, pillow, apron, hat, etc.
Edit: You could also have a calander, mug, or clock made with a picture on it.

Dwight Said:

SURVEY for past or present college students?

We Answered:

1) Between 15-18 credits per semester.

2) Most of the classes I loved were related to my two majors (Writing and Anthropology), but I'm taking Forensic Pathology next semester which I am super excited for and I've taken a one-credit Chorus class every semester since sophomore year which is amazing. I take it for 0 credits now since it only counted for two semesters.

3) I regret not getting involved with any clubs or student groups, but at the same time I had more fun with my friends.

4) Make sure you're on top of your required classes. If you get them out of the way early, you can take more classes that you're interested in and also have better schedules for your last couple of years. Also, take any internship/job experience opportunities you can get because they will be worth a lot when you're applying for jobs.

Bobbie Said:

I need to think of a creative award to present to college students. In example: messiest dorm, best dressed.?

We Answered:

Similar to high school how people gave out class awards:
Most Popular
Best Dressed
Heaviest Drinker
King of Procrastination


Ethel Said:

I am going to start college soon! Any advice from former or present college students?

We Answered:

My experience has been somewhat different than most since Ive been able to attend more than one university.
The ugly side... yes, you really need to use your time management skills and get things done. Prioritizing is crucial. Yes you do want to go out and party hardy but you also have to study for that test in calculus; so what do you do?? You have to study because such excuses such as "the dog ate my homework" wont work in college. So...Study, read, study, take tests, do presentations, write essays. [The above depend on the classes you take]

On the good'll make some great friends and maybe atend some nice parties (do not overdo it tho). You'll get your degree and have your own career, and most probably will be able to get a nice job once ur done.

Roy Said:

Past and present college students?

We Answered:

I always tried to do this, so it is doable and was fine with me. Towards the last class you are sometimes tired and ready to go, but having the next day off gave me time to dedicate to doing any homework I needed to do.

I had other reasons for doing this as well though. I was also working so I wanted to be available as much as possible for that job, and also I lived 40 minutes away from campus so I tried to cut down on the driving way up there as much as I could.

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