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Private Scholarships For College Students

Ruth Said:

Is it legal for a private college to keep scholarship money from its students if they have excess funds?

We Answered:

I think questioning things, particularly when money is involved, is a very responsible thing to do. I don't have a precise answer for you, but I suggest you talk to the school's financial department on the particulars of your scholarship money.
Though I don't know the answer to your question, I do think it is valid and a smart to pursue. Though others might not agree with that sentiment.

Jennifer Said:

Is there any other way for paying for college, beside a private student loan?

We Answered:

You can go to
it's about scholarships information.
Good luck

Roland Said:

i need help finding a lender for a private college in france.?

We Answered:

I am coincadentally in the same boat as you, except I'm not officially enrolled yet because I want to secure financial aid first. What school are you going to if you don't mind my asking. (I've been looking into the EICAR)

The obvious first route to go through is always the FAFSA, especially since they tend to give more money to Grad students and offer things like GradPlus Loans.
And sometimes you can even obtain loans through the FAFSA for foreign schools that are ELIGIBLE.
Unfortunately no film school in Paris is. I checked online and even talked with the Department of Education on the phone to double check.

There are a few private education lenders like Sallie Mae, etc that have the option of selecting a foreign approved school, but this list is usually the same list as those approved by the Department of Education. (The schools that tend to be on these lists are either public, medical, law, or business schools.)

There is also the International Student Loan Network which offers private loans for foreign enrolled students. Their list of approved schools was longer than other lists I've seen. The school I was looking for wasn't listed, but perhaps yours is if you want to check that out.

If it's not, there is the possibility of giving the school the direct number of the lender to get certified through this particular program. I haven't gone that route, but I'm considering it because it can't hurt. The number is located in the FAQ section. Good luck!

Juan Said:

Are there any scholarships for private highschools in Virginia for students that cant afford it?

We Answered:

I found a list of Virginia private schools. Try calling a staff member or teacher for more help.…

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