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Research Sites For College Students

Oscar Said:

What major laptop companies generally have the best online savings/deals for college students?

We Answered:

you can visit below link you can find more options here :

Guy Said:

Anyone know legit survey or other sites where I can make some extra cash?

We Answered:

Swagbucks actually does pay. I've made $25 in two months. MyPoints pays. I've made about $50 in Amazon gift cards every year for the last four years. Opinion Outpost is also legit. Its a survey place. Easy and profitable. In two mos I've made $83. I have done no referring so this money is solely from my answering a few surveys and clicking on a few emails a day.

Pinecone Research also is legit but hard to get into as they are not always taking new sign-ups. I didn't qualify since I didn't fit their profile.

You're not going to get rich doing these things. But it's easy money and doesn't take long. Kind of like free money.

I'd love to give you referral links if you decide you want to join. :-) You can reach me at yahoo under the name momto8kiddos.

Bonnie Said:

I am doing a college research essay and I need help finding why have high school student dropouts risen?

We Answered:

wow you waited to do this the last minute didn't you. Go to the Library ask for help (Information or one of the librarians) or someone in References. There is a listing of all high school testing they give each year. and how many kids drop out cause of gangs. drugs, depression, no support where parents are involved. good luck in your college paper for today.

Glen Said:

Can you come up with creative research topic for Social networking sites?

We Answered:

do these people have lifes

Bradley Said:

where can i find good research sites for students at little or no cost?

We Answered:

Bureau of Census has tons of data available for free. Explore the site.
Not sure what exactly you are looking for. All psychological data/research can be found at They post salary survey's there that perhaps you can do something with (real data). Good luck! (psychology professor)

Jenny Said:

For those considering a college education, perhaps you should think again. Thoughts?

We Answered:

As a teacher (obviously experienced college) I can say that 95% of professors outside of the actual education department...general studies...were HORRID teachers. If elemenatry and high school teachers taught like that our nation would crumble. But they are also very intelligent people...they just arn't teachers.

One of my education professors nearly lost his job before he had it when he told the university that a BS in education was just that...BS. That there was little Science behind the actual act of teaching (anyalizing data and whatnot...probably) that those wanting to be teachers would be just as good if they didn't attend college.
While I agree to a large extent, having that background to rely on, the ideas I was given and theories I learned have helped me. But I learned more about teaching in the first 6 months of teaching than I did in 4 years of sitting in a classroom. My own style grealy pervails, but college does help. In my opinion there is no such thing as useless knowledge.

EDIT-As a teacher we are constantly taking more classes, going to workshops and conferences, continuing our professional development and knowledge of how kids learn. We have to keep up with things or we will fall behind. I have not been out of college for more than 1 1/2 and I have already had more than 150 hours of professional development of some kind and will have more than 50 more over the Summer. Frankly I love to learn and am frustrated when I don't know something (my quote is "I'll look it up")...I hope to pass this down to my students. It seems rather lazy to accept your mind as is at the age of 18.

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