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Research Topics For College Students

Carl Said:

Is there any website or source I can find on whether the majority of online college students are fat or obese?

We Answered:

why not do a survey of a sample of people at your college

Shelly Said:

What percentage of college students choose careers in the military?

We Answered:

Sorry, I do not know percentage of college students. I do know that out of my son's Officer Training Class, they had 100% college graduates. 62% had graduated in the last 2 years.
Liberal papers claim 0%, but that does not explain all the new Officers as they must be college graduates to be Commissioned Officers.. The days of people joining because they have no other choice has ended, causes a slight fall in military.

Antonio Said:

Why is that college profs expect college students to do research using books that their library doesn't offer?

We Answered:

I dare say most college professors have never stepped foot in the campus library and wouldn't know how to find a specific publication if they were so inclined.

Reason? Professors think a bit more globally than this... they know there is life: (aka knowledge and info) outside the schools little library.

But I can say this, they expect a student to be resourceful and motivated. This is what it takes to be a college graduate and an outstanding member of society after the little, self contained, artificial world created at a college. It is their job to help you think this way too, and your responsibility to take on this challenge.

Corey Said:

College level Biology research paper topics?

We Answered:

Review the literature on the use of mercury based perservatives in vaccines (flu etc.)

Identify the common bed bug; its anatomy; life cycle and control. Include the recently banned (FDA) checmical that exterminators believe works better than other choices. Why are insect homrones that interruppt the insect life cycle used or not used. (Brand name: Nylar).

What would the impact of allowing highway green spaces to grow without being mowed. How much gas is used/saved; how much carbon woud be bound in to the green matter. What is the cost scavings; what's the impcat on flora and fauna ?

What's the impact of zebra mussels on the Great Lakes eco system. Why is the gov. working to stop a new species of carp from reaching the Great lakes.

Sonia Said:

What are the cognitive competencies of college students?

We Answered:

Well all you have to do is go on google, search, define cognitive and then you get your answer.

Eleanor Said:

What are some common research paper topics for a college student to write about?

We Answered:

is the topic open? like, can you write about anything that you want to?

if so i would definatley pick something that you are interested in, or this assignment will get really old, really fast

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