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Research Websites For College Students

Lawrence Said:

i need to find websites with credible information for a research paper?

We Answered:

well there is one called

Ruth Said:

What are some easy to understand websites/books/articles about prayer/religion in public schools?

We Answered:

This site should make you aware of the issues.…

Diana Said:

websites for volunteering at a science research center?

We Answered:

What's the nearest medical school? Any local biotech firms with internships? The biology department at your college may be able to help you.

Shane Said:

what is a good website to do research for school?

We Answered:
this is a great website because it has information on any illness and its run by the government so you can be sure that the information is correct.
This is a non-profit organization that help people diagnose their medical problems. This might help.
This is a site for the Alzheimer's association so it is sure to be a reliable source.
This site is just dedicated to Alzheimer's and its research. This one is also reliable because it is run by a corporation.…
This is an article about Alzheimer's in New York Times.…
This site also is reliable and is just about Alzheimer's.
web md is really helpful.

You should stay away from sites like wikipedia because any one can post information on there. But sites that are run by organization, government or credible news papers or other media are good sources of information. Be sure to check out all the sites.

Bertha Said:

What are good websites for research about colleges?

We Answered: helped me a great deal when i was applying to colleges. I chose UCONN and couldn't be happier. It is a beautiful campus, good classes, lots to do on the weekends (the put on a late night program every weekend for an alternative to parties with alcohol), and friendly people. I would recommend that she does an overnight here to see if it is right for her.

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