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Resume For College Student

Martin Said:

Job resume for a college student?

We Answered:

Try this site for help with resumes:…

Paul Said:

resume for college student?

We Answered:

No, you would NOT list your classes. Resumes are supposed to be short and concise.

You could write something like:
XYZ University, XYZ City. Anticipated diploma in 20__ in XYZ Major.
XYZ High School, XYZ City. High school diploma in 20___.

Or if you haven't declared a major, you could write "Currently studying at XYZ university with an interest in _____" or something to that effect. If you are involved in certain clubs or volunteer activities that are pertinent to the jobs you're looking at, include that somewhere.

Most colleges have career centers that can help you write your resume, try going there.

Ian Said:

Resume for college student with no experience?

We Answered:

Focus on your academic and extracurricular accomplishments in high school. A decent GPA and participation in athletics or school clubs show commitment and your ability to juggle different workloads. As a university freshman, you have plenty of job opportunities in entry-level positions where the employer expects you to possess little to no work experience. Some of them, even store clerk positions, do not even require a high school degree. If you can draft a simple but professional-looking resume that displays your education to submit to these kind of job openings, you should more often than not get an interview, which is the time and place to really impress the employer with your personality. If you want interview tips, you should visit Microsoft's Office Live Students Facebook page. It's a place where students can go for information and advice on applying to jobs. You'll find resources to assist you with job searching, resume doctoring and interviewing, amongst other subjects related to career guidance. Check it out:

Best of luck in your job applications,

- Jake

MSFT Office Live Outreach Team

Shirley Said:

What exactly do you put in a resume/vitae as a college student?

We Answered:

Don't put classes that you took, but do put the degree that you're working on. Do put clubs that you're in, any leadership positions you've held, community service activities, and any part-time jobs you might have had. If you're a freshman in college, then go ahead and include some high school activities if you want, but if you're much older than that, drop the high school stuff unless you're still involved in that organization.
Since you probably don't have any research experience or professional work, then I'd use a resume instead of a curriculum vitae. A resume will allow you to put special skills, hobbies, interests on it and you're not really supposed to include that stuff in a curriculum vitae.
Since it's a professor that's going to write a recommendation, they just kind of want it to help them know you better, your interests and strengths and weaknesses. But, it's always a good idea to keep your resume up to date because most people that will write you recommendations will want one.

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resume title for fresher mechanical engineer said:

The perfect resume, Outstanding qualities, extensive programs, well-rounded actions, work or offer experience, good sources. Your resume is a way of promoting yourself. Be sincere and be yourself.

resume 2015 said:

If you have decent GPA and participation in athletics or school clubs show commitment and your ability to juggle different workloads the you can make a good college students resume.

resume format 2015 said:

For good college resume. List your experience, the clubs you signed up with, the sports you play including if you received any University Characters, extra curricular activities you get involved in, your offer experience.

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