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Resume Samples For College Students

Jeffery Said:

what is best to put on a beginner resume?

We Answered:

First of all its should have a strong objective. Its important as it is the first line any one looks at. also you educational and personal skills.
and if you have won any prizes or any reference that will help.

Victoria Said:

HELP!!!!!!!!!! WITH RESUME COVER PAGE!!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

Any knowledge gained from this employment will aid me in my future career.

take out this sentence completely....employers don't want to hear that you are using them to advance your career !!!! Your second paragraph should mention something about how you will be starting to study nursing, and how the medical field has been a lifelong passion and dream or something like that. Keep it short.

Also, what questions are they going to have...are you a question answerer????
Do you want to answer questions, or do you want to work for them???????

"I look forward to speaking with you in the near future to discuss ways in which my skills can be utilized to help your office become more efficient (ect). Please feel free to contact me anytime."

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how to write cv uk said:

A resume is a small summary of all the information about us: education, experience, success and other private information, that will interest an company. Although our prospective company will read our resume cover letter before our resume.

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