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Scholarship College Students

Annette Said:

Is there a college scholarship for students that have the most immature, irresponsible parents?

We Answered:

I just graduated from High School, and have a decent GPA. I wanted to apply to many schools, and also see what scholarships I qualified for. I went to see my guidance counselor just before Graduation and he put me in touch with this website:

I checked it out, and have been in touch with several scholarship programs, and have applied to over 30 schools aimed at what I wanted to study without much hassle. It also didn't cost me anything so another plus as money is pretty tight for me. Good Luck.

Benjamin Said:

Is it common 4a college 2give a scholarship then use students pell grant etc.2pay4 school instead of schship?

We Answered:

It doesn't sound correct however it's based on how the college scholarship is written/handled. Possibly could be that the automated system did not disburse they way it should have.

You said this was told to you 2 weeks ago? By whom?

You can go talk to your financial aid office and voice your concerns that you wanted the college scholarship to pay for your tuition and to allow your Pell Grant to pay for other educational expenses i.e. books, rent, etc.

Financial aid is based on how much the school believes the average student requires to survive for the school year. If you're not at your maximum you may want to try to see how much money you could get in student loans if all else fails.

Either which way delaying your education for a couple thousand dollars until you can come up with the funds in lieu of getting student loans will cost you more in the long run (typically .. dependent on your major)

Good Luck!

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