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Scholarship For College Student

Troy Said:

definition of a first generation college student?

We Answered:

First generation college student refers to a student whose parents have not attained a college degree. More broadly, it is basically used to define students who do not have little or no family collegiate history. Since your mom did graduate with an associate's degree, you do have some family collegiate history.

However, each scholarship will have it's own definition - some may say that you are not a first generation college student because your mom has her associate's degree, while others may say that you are a first generation college student because neither of your parents earned a bachelor's degree.

A lot of colleges have programs specifically geared towards first generation college students, simply because they may have less knowledge about college life and what to expect.

Gerald Said:

If a student receives a college scholarship from a non-profit organization is that taxable?

We Answered:

If it's used for eligible college expenses, it's not taxable. If it's used for other expenses, yes it's taxable. For example, amounts used for room and board are taxable.

See IRS publication 970 for more info.

Norman Said:

can you apply for the Florida Bright Futures scholarship as a college student?

We Answered:

Nope. Unfortunately if you don't apply in high school you forfeit any right to claiming Bright Futures in the future.

Craig Said:

What is the best way to get scholarship for college students?

We Answered:

Seniors should definitely file a FAFSA. They should also stay in constant contact with their Guidance Counselor or the school representative in charge of Scholarships. Also, contacting the Financial Aid Department at the college(s) the student is planning to attend may also help.

Jason Said:

Is there a grant or scholarship that a college student can apply for with one disable parent?

We Answered:

Go to - also, contact the college financial aid office, they have all forms and advisors to help your daughter. I know that there will be special grants for this, I went to college myself with a similar situation. There are also many scholarships that the school has a list of that are needy based.
Good luck.

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