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Scholarship Opportunities For College Students

Gary Said:

Will dropping one AP course hurt my chance at college admittance/scholarship opportunities?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Manuel Said:

Is there any financial aid assistance available for graduate students?

We Answered:

The moment a student crosses over into the graduate level their eligibility for all federal grants ends, but their borrowing limits for loans increases. There are scholarship opportunities available to graduate students, you would need to look on the school's financial aid website for more information as well as scholarship databases such as and Fellowships and assistantships are other options that you may want to consider as well.

Diana Said:

scholarship opportunities for college?!?

We Answered:

I'm not sure about websites, but you can Search for them.

There are literally thousands of Organizations, Associations and Foundations willing to give you money (scholarships or grants). Try first asking at your local library for a book called:
The Foundation Center Index. This book lists all the places that give grants and scholarships and what the qualifications are.

If your father was a Farmer, or if your Mother was a Nurse, there are foundations that will provide funds for Books and Tuition.

Also, REMEMBER. Your College financial Aid Office is a great place to start. If you haven't picked one yet, the start looking.. Don't worry about your GPA or SAT scores.

Lastly. The College Financial Aid office will establish your "Need" from them. This will be offset by how much you can get from Grants and scholarships. DO Not stop There!!

There is no limit to the number and amount of Scholarships you can apply for. If all your NEED is supplied outside of School, so be it. But you have to fill out all the forms, submit all the applications and write all the essays they ask for. Its a lot of work but can result in NO college Debt. I know, I did it.

Good Luck.

Willis Robison, Ph.D.

Tracy Said:

College opportunities for illegal students?

We Answered:

The first two posters are incorrect. You can go to college in the US, even if you're here illegally. If you don't have a social security number for the applications, ask the college to assign you an applicant number, and they will, no problem.

You can not apply for US financial aid - the government won't give you any aid - but the college might, so speak to them about that. And you can also apply for certain types of student loans.

In addition, some public universities will grant you the lower, in-state tuition, because you *are* a resident of their state, even though you're illegal. NY does this. So if the school you're looking at is public, ask them if you qualify for state resident tuition.

Holly Said:

Scholarship Opportunities?

We Answered:

yep and stop sy-king your self out...
U can get into a college. Many college graduates arent the smart brainiacks that people think that they are.
many are average *C* students...
try and compete for free scholarships. then when u do apply go to the local finanacial aid office and apply for scholarships there,.
Best of luck, and it shows strength, in u trying to get all your information early. Kudos to you!
Best of luck

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