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Scholarships And Grants For College Students

Erika Said:

Is there a scholarships or grants for a freshman student in college whose age is 16-year-old?

We Answered:

you want to make sure that you complete the FAFSA, by completing the FAFSA you are applying for any and all federal student loans, grants and/or work-study. as a freshman student you are eligible to apply for as many scholarships as you can find either for your specific major or for all freshman students. most colleges/universities offer plenty of scholarship opportunities to freshman students. search scholarship databases such as and for more information on scholarships. also, contact the financial aid office at the school for information on state aid available.

Diane Said:

Scholarships Grants etc. For students who are already in a college?

We Answered:

Generally, if you file for your FAFSA's --- you get all available grants and federal loans that apply to you.

Make sure, when going to this website that it has the ".gov" in the web address. There are quite a few impersonators out there.

The Address is

Before filling out your fafsa form however, you must apply for a pin at

If you are a dependent, you must also apply for another pin for one of your parents.

The pin is your signature, since everything is now officially done over the computer and no paper forms are allowed to be mailed in. Good Luck!

ALSO: You might be eligible for loans.

Subsidized loans are offered to students based on demonstrated financial need. So as long as your income taxes present this to the government, then you will be able to accept a Fed Dir Sub Loan.

Subsidized loans are the best loans because the federal government pays off the interest of the loan while you are still in school and during the grace period. They start charging you interest only after the grace period, which comes after you've graduated from college.

So, filing your FAFSA's and renewing it each year would make you qualified and/or eligible for:

Federal Loans (Bank loans are evil. Stay away!!)
Federal Grants

Also, if you file your fafsa's it gives your universities financial office the ability to hand out a university scholarship or grant, based on how much more money you would need.

If you receive well beyond the necessary amount of money, you get that back from your school in a form of a refund check.

With this check you can purchase a laptop and textbooks (Which could run you to about $300-$500 a semester, depending on your courses.

I would advise you keep the rest of the money in a high-interest savings account so that if you don't receive much money in the following years, you can dip into your original funds.

Good Luck!!

Brett Said:

Where do you go to find all the grants and scholarships for college that most people do not ever apply for?

We Answered:

Talk to your advisor or financial aid office they should have a booklet of private scholarships you can apply for.

Courtney Said:

Scholarships/grants for married students?

We Answered:

The Financial Aid office at Mizzou or wherever you are going should be able to help you. That's where I'd start. You could Google Scholarships and see what you get.

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