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Scholarships For Black College Students

Alfred Said:

Why does every race tend to help one another except for blacks?

We Answered:

YOU tell ME! I think you people need to start having a major culture change! unless you're happy with how many people see you as a whole and what your people are all about!

Misty Said:

Historically black colleges and universities ?

We Answered:

wow are you serious white's have some of the most greatest schools and so do blacks, black schools focus more on black history, the things that white schools leave out. thats just stating the obvious

Terri Said:

White students/ black schools?

We Answered:

I have no problem with people who aren't caucasian (just putting that out there before I answer), so please don't call me a racist for giving my opinion.

I think most people who argue with it do so because the opposite would be called racism. For example, if a new school or scholarship started and was for whites only, many people would criticize and call it racism (probably why some caucasians have a problem with BET - if someone started WET, s*** would hit the fan ... CMT isn't just for whites, it's for anyone who can stand listening to that stuff they call music lol). All of the programs for African American students are for good causes, but students today were not alive when whites and blacks were separated. For this reason, it seems strange to them that blacks are receiving scholarships for the color of their skin, while there are no scholarship for being white, even though there are many white students who cannot attend college due to a lack of funds.

We still have a lot to overcome to end racism, but hopefully Obama will win presidency and help change people's minds. Also, I hope I did not offend anyone by providing my opinions! I'm just trying to provide my honest opinions on the matter. Anyway, have a good one man.

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