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Scholarships For College Students 2010

Albert Said:

College Student with tax form 1098-T plus which hope or lifetime credit do I chose?

We Answered:

Seek information from a specific college department. For example, if you plan to study nursing, ask the College of Nursing at the university where you wish to attend about possible grants for incoming students. Some institutions offer textbook grants or first-year fee reductions for students wit

Clifton Said:

Is it ok to wait 1 year B4 college (B.A picked)?

We Answered:

The answer to this question depends on the individual student. If you're self-motivated enough to put that "off year" to good advantage, there's nothing wrong with taking that path. If the year might slip by without you're ever quite getting around to doing much of anything, then a year off isn't a good plan for you.

Universities don't care if you take a year off, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise - however, they ARE interested in what you chose to do with that time away. If you traveled so that you could be exposed to other places and cultures, if you took some remedial courses to help improve basic skills, if you devoted your time to a religious program or a charitable organization, or you got a job so you could help your parents with the cost of your education - these are all salutory things that an admissions committee is more than pleased to see on your application materials.

On the other hand, if you bummed around, smoked a lot of dope, drank a lot of brew, and slept in for weeks at a time, that's probably not going to look so good when the admissions people start looking over your forms.

I'll tell you what - I really really disliked high school. Looking back, who knows if I was right, or if I was just a jerk with a bad attitude, but at the time, at least, I felt like I was smarter than a lot of my teachers, that the work was too easy, that the material was boring, and I had absolutely no idea what interested me, or what I wanted to study. Rather than go off to college immediately after graduation, I took more than 2 years off and worked. I always knew I was going to go back to college, because I had big plans and dreams, and I knew that I needed a lot more education, but I honestly believed that if I recharged a bit, I'd rediscover my passion for learning.

After 2 1/2 years, I went off to school. Not the best school I could have gotten in to, but I didn't worry too much about that, because I knew that, wherever I went, I'd find the classes and the opportunities that would "work" for me. Feeling like I was starting from 'behind', I accelerated my way through a 4-year program in less than 2 years, taking huge class overloads every semester. I changed majors along the way, too, because I found that my original major, math, had just become way too theoretical for me - I looked around a classroom one day in something like graph theory and thought to myself - this isn't what I want to be doing for a living.

Here I am, a lot of years later, with a PhD in psychology and a JD in law, and nothing about the time off that I took after high school came back to harm me in the least. For me, it was the right choice, and I know it didn't keep me from getting into any school that I was interested in.

Will you have the same experience? It depends what you do with that time off.

By the way - don't kill yourself trying to become the "perfect" college applicant. You'll hear that the top schools are looking for 4.0s and off-the-chart SATs, but the reality is that admissions to those (and any other good school) are based on much more than just your grades and test scores. Once you've put together a good GPA (and good doesn't mean 4.0), take the time to get involved in things that will make you unique and "interesting". Accomplish things. Work with charities, travel, volunteer somewhere useful. Save Haiti or Darfur, work at a food bank or a soup kitchen, lead a club (don't just sign up for 10 clubs and think that looks good on your application - everyone knows that 'trick'). Be someone interesting and you'll be interesting to the schools that you want to apply to.

But don't worry about getting every B or C off your transcript, particularly if those grades came in challenging, demanding courses. A "B" in Organic Chemistry is worth 3 A's in "Office Assistant". If you're only contemplating "hanging back a bit" because you want to make your transcript perfect, it won't pay off for you, and it's not worth it.

Also - if you're thinking of a year off because it's scary to contemplate going away and being alone in a new place ..and what happens if you don't make any friends - and what happens if you can't do the work and what happens if....

Those are fears that everyone has - and your friends are lying to you if they're telling you that none of those things bother them. Part of growing up is taking on those scary and impossible seeming challenges. Trust me when I say that I bet you survive just fine.

Good luck to you. If taking a year off allows you to do something worthwhile, there's nothing wrong with that plan. If taking a year off is because you want to strive for the perfect transcript, or because the unknown scares you - those are things you'll have convince yourself to overcome.

I hope this helped!

Kristin Said:

Scholarships Spring 2010?

We Answered:


Nina Said:

Money for 2010 college?

We Answered:

Yes, apply at

Alvin Said:

Is it possible to pay my full college tuition using scholarships?

We Answered:

If you get perfect scores on your SATs, been doing Community Service since you could walk, are a prodigy in playing every single musical instrument then your chances are increased very slightly.

Its gunna take some time but if your that smart its possible. VERY HARD EVEN IF YOU DO ALL THE THINGS IN MY FAKE ANSWER. (Actually it seemes pretty reasonable)

Bessie Said:

As a college student, where do i find scholarships for my sophomore year?

We Answered:

If you will be moving to UT Austin in 2010, why not call the financial aid office and see what scholarships they offer for the fall semester? :-) Fastweb is a great website! By using this website and other websites, several of my friends have won enough scholarships to pay for their ENTIRE college education.

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Fury said:

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