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Scholarships For College Students In Florida

Jeffery Said:

College scholarships for interantional basketball players?

We Answered:

It doesnt really matter about how good you think you are it matters if the scouts there are impressed with what you can offer. Unless this camp is an "invite-only" i dont think too many top coaches will be there. By the questions you've been asking I really doubt you would be playing for Florida unless you grow and I mean grow because from what I've read from your previous questions those guys will eat you alive. Unless this former NBA player writes a recommendation for you i'd leave it out because I could train my swimming ability with Michael Phelps but that wouldnt mean Id win a gold medal in swimming.

Henry Said:

college scholarship based on geographical location?

We Answered:

I don't know of certain colleges, but sometimes in-state colleges will allow in-state students from, say, rural populations to have a special scholarship due to encouraging them to attend college.

And I have heard of colleges giving scholarships if they need diverse students, but NY applicants to out-of-state colleges is usually pretty popular. But the less you and your parents make, the money you get to go to school! I'd say check out FAFSA.ED.GOV and FAFSA4CASTER.ED.GOV (the second one will help you estimate FEDERAL financial aid) and get a feel for what the gov't might give. Then maybe start talking to colleges about what they might give you? They usually give based on merit-need (good grades, extracurriculars, etc.) and need-based (poor, minority, etc.).

Also your state might give you some financial aid, too.

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