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Scholarships For College Students In Michigan

Linda Said:

How will college life be like for me as an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan?

We Answered:

Well, as you already said to yourself, "Really good."

So which of your other IDs will get the "Best Answer"?

Elsie Said:

How hard is it to get into college of charleston for out of state students?

We Answered:

I go to Georgia Southern, which is only a couple hours away (we are in the same conference as C of C). Don't waste your time because it's not the great of a school...look elsewhere.

Pearl Said:

Michigan College average GPA's to qualify??

We Answered:

As a Michigan college student these are the websites I checked out and they should help you too:

You can also go to and type "List of colleges and universities in Michigan" in the search box and it will bring up a list of colleges/universities in Michigan. From there you can click on each school's name and it will direct you to their website where you can find more specific information, contacts, etc. Hope that helps!

Jackie Said:

I need scholarships for college really bad or I can't go. I've lived in the US for 9 years but not a citizen?

We Answered:

Mimi, some friends of mine (international students) at college told me that they have valuable information regarding scholarships from this place.
Good luck

Nina Said:

Does anyone know if a student going into college and was adopted from Russia is eligible for scholarship?

We Answered:

Talk to a financial aid advisor at the school. That is your best resource for obscure financial aid programs.

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