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James Said:

Can I sue my father for college support?

We Answered:

Whereas YOU cannot sue your father for this, your mother MAY be able to sue him for back support.

If you can provide evidence to the courts that he made a promise of paying for college, then he MAY be liable for this, as it may constitute a contract.

There was a case in California about 15 years ago, in which a man had been making child support payments to his ex wife for 18 years, privately, without the courts involvement. When the child turned 18, the mother sued for back support. The court judged that even although the father produced evidence that he had paid for the entire time, since the payments didn't go through the child support system, those payments were ruled to be gifts, and not applicable to the support owed. The results: the father was held liable for 18 years of back child support.

a good lawyer could probably get some money this way, but if your parents were awarded joint custody, it would be more difficult, although you could argue that by changing his residence to one out of state constituted abandonment, which may leave him liable to child support.

Samantha Said:

What College should I attened to become a animal officer???

We Answered:


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