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Scholarships For College Students With Low Gpa

Wanda Said:

College Admission Chances????????

We Answered:

Honestly Tech looks at GPA, SAT/ACT, leadership activities, and your potential to survive at Tech. The only thing I feel is that your GPA is the only thing that will hold you back. Competitive ranges for the mid 50% is about 29 - 33 for the ACT. Freshman admission factors is based on: the rigor of H.S. curriculum, SAT/ACT, Extracurricular Activities, and your personal essay. Freshman admission to Tech is not set in stone though. Meaning they don't have a set standard. However when they receive applications for the Fall they will pool them and see what the averages are and compare them to the last class they admitted. If you meet or exceed the credentials you may be admitted.

Tech has many scholarships available based on your credentials, but you will have to check to verify. You will be able to qualify for Financial Aid based on your FASFA information. You just have to speak with a Financial Aid counselor to see what you qualify for.

I believe you will be able to attend a great school.

Also Tech offers something called Conditional Acceptances, if you are not completely accepted, to students who show the potential to succeed at the Institute. I'm not sure who receives this, I just know you will receive this if they feel you really deserve to be there but don't meet the standards of the applicant pool. I attended a Math/Science Magnet school. Since students from the program were accepted annually that also increased future generation's likelihood of being accepted because they receive high quality students from the program.

My friends who got in that went to the same high school I did and took the same classes all had a 90+ average, good SATs, well-rounded, and good essays.

I am currently a student at Tech, and when I applied in my senior year of high school, I didn't get in but I received the Conditional Acceptance and went to another school for a year, took certain classes approved by Tech, made at least a B in all courses and was accepted in the following year. So if you really want to go to Tech and don't get in your first try, you definitely have a chance to try again if you really want it.

PS. The hardest thing about Tech is not getting in, but surviving the tough core curriculum of the 1st and 2nd years, and the tough work in the years to follow. So I really hope you get in and enjoy all that Tech has to offer despite its difficult course load. :-)

Victor Said:

Calling All college students help. Especially UC students...?

We Answered:

Why not? listen to your friends. The best advice I can give you; Apply, Apply, Apply and aim high. You got a lot of good things going on, keep it up. Apply to wherever you want to go and the ivy league schools. Check out scholarship opportunities and apply for those also since tuition can be a bit high and yes limit yourself on the student loans but do not forget fafsa they are great help. Good luck in your future endeavors and keep your dreams alive.

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low gpa said:

College will look at your school records, which will contain all the programs you finished during your school years along with the quality obtained in each category. Your GPA will be a normal of all four years.

scholarships for low gpa said:

Many other students will be apply for the scholarship & only a few or maybe just 1 will be granted. Please do not pin all your hopes of greater education funding on being granted enough scholarship/grant resources to protect all your greater education costs.

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