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Scholarships For College Transfer Students

Gertrude Said:

Do you know of any scholarships for someone who wants to transfer out of a junior college into a state school?

We Answered:

My only caution to you is, whatever you dislike about high school may follow you to college. Perhaps you should take a class or two to decide if it's what you really want. I don't know about merit scholarships, but you may qualify for need-based scholarships and financial aid. I hated high school, but instead of dropping out, I took many classes at communtiy college which counted toward my high school classes (Math, English, History, Gym, etc.) I skipped a whole year of high school by doing this, and I spent very little time at the high school. Good luck with whatever you do!

Maxine Said:

Do transfer students have the same amount scholarships/ f aids as incoming freshman ?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Darrell Said:

Do Universities offer scholarships to students transferring from other colleges?

We Answered:

Yes, most of them do. There are as many types of scholarships as their are students. You are doing it the smart way. Actually most universities encourage students to go to community college first. One, because it get a lot of the basics out of the way and it is less expensive and two, because it helps prepare the student for the upper education of a university. Not everyone is ready to go straight to higher ed and community colleges offer scholarships as well. Check the school catalogues for available scholarships-if you cannot find what you are looking for talk to someone in student services, that is what they are there for. When you are ready to transfer, contact your major department to see what is available and what the qualifications are. If you are still in HS you should have an adviser there somewhere who can point you in the general direction as well, but do ask. You can go on line, but it really is better to check with a breathing individual first to field your general questions to. Good luck.

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