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Scholarships For Community College Students

Warren Said:

Are scholarships/grants available to those who want to transfer to a university from a community college?

We Answered:

yeah you can get grants.In california theres Cal grants that if your parents and/or you make less than 62,000 a year you can get like maybe 8000 a year.But i could be wrong. But yeah you canget grants.

Elsie Said:

Financial Aid for a HS Student at a Community College?

We Answered:

I'm not sure where you are but perhaps you should look into "Dual enrollment". In our area in Volusia County, Florida, with Daytona State College, they allow high schoolers who are over 16 to take college courses while in high school and they don't cost anything. Another option is to look into Virtual School in your state. Where do you live? Here in Florida, the Virtual school is

William Said:

Community college student looking to transfer to 4 year college for nrotc?

We Answered:

you can take the first 2 years without contracting. you would not be abel to do the final 2 without incurring an obligation to commission.

Anthony Said:

any college scholarships for students with a 2.0gpa?

We Answered:

Are you serious, or are you joking? No one is gonna grant you a scholarship if you are a C student! LOL Good luck!

Douglas Said:

Swarthmore accepting community college student?

We Answered:

Contact Swarthmore's Admissions Office and talk to them. Ask them directly.

(All I can tell you about Swat is that a friend of mine goes there and he's an amazing genius with impeccable character. Swat is VERY selective. Good luck.)

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