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Scholarships For Current College Students

Veronica Said:

What is the big deal with agents in college sports?

We Answered:

Good questions.

Well, two big things: 1) the school gets penalized because the NCAA seems to feel like, since this is happening under what is supposed to be the watchful eye of the school, particularly the coaches on the staff HIRED by the school, then the school and coaches have negligently allowed this to happen--in some cases, even had some idea or flatout knew, but looked the other way. Some CFB analysts have said the same thing that schools should get fined rather than punishing current players, and sometimes current coaches who were not there when all the drama happened (i.e. Lane Kiffin was not at USC but he's dealing with the penalties in recruiting, postseason bans, etc). I agree with that part, and I don't know why the NCAA does anything like applies postseason bans for future teams vs just stripping teams of accolades from the seasons when violations occurred.

2) I do view it as cheating, and I think the underlying reason why this is punished, other than that coaches and schools should have somehow been able to prevent this stuff in the NCAA's eyes, is that the NCAA does view it as an unfair advantage to the program. Sometimes it will be. Usually, players who are getting approached for payment are ones who are expected to go on to be decent draft picks and make money in the NFL. Sometimes, they are approached before their last season at the school. So, to me, these players are given more of an incentive to play hard and really give an effort and dominate on the field so that they can get money. It's like an unfair playing field for guys who are not, for lack of a better word, getting "bribed" into playing on an NFL level in college. In that sense, I do see it kind of similarly to taking steroids or other hormones, because those things change the equality among players, as well. It's not just about hard work and pure talent for everyone when you bring outside influences in. This is why accolades get erased--they were not earned just on what athletes naturally bring to the table or what he's coached to do. Plus, football just has a culture of doing things a certain way--not only all athletes being equal, working hard and things like that, but everything is supposed to be about the TEAM. When certain athletes are singled out for payment, it becomes about him.

Calvin Said:

How can I fund college?

We Answered:

Okay so first the average tuition for a UC is about $10,000 a year. The $30,000 estimate you see includes room and board, meal plans, gas , books, etc...

The maximum Pell is $5,500 and you will also be eligible for Cal Grants when you transfer if you are a CA resident. If your efc is low enough to recieve the maximum pell then you will also qualify for institutional grants so which ever UC you go to will probably give you a tuition waiver for any expenses not covered by federal and state aid.

CSU's and UC are really great about providing at least enough aid to cover tuition if your efc is low. Also, UC schools have The Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan which establishes a minimum amount of support for eligible students. Under the plan, UC ensures students' systemwide fees are covered by scholarships or grants for four years (two years for transfer students) if they are California residents with financial need and family income of less than $70,000 a year. Many students qualify for additional grant aid to help pay for books, housing and transportation.

Don't worry about funding, if you can get in ...GO! If you still need money to pay for living expenses you can get a part-time job and consider federal loans. If you get in, any UC will work with you so that you can afford it.

Jill Said:

Scholarship to pay for student loan?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Tom Said:

From current or previous students, how much does it cost to attend Texas A&M one year?

We Answered:

Telephone the admissions office and ask.

Hugh Said:

Which college could I choose?

We Answered:

There are several free online services that help you find a school that is already accepting students with your credentials. My favorite is College Matchmaker, from the College Board company. Go to that website, enter your personal information and SAT or ACT scores, tell them where [State or area or even by zip code] you want to go to college and what majors you may be interested in, and see what comes up. Then, make sure that you apply to at least three of the schools likely to accept you. College admissions can be cruel at times, and you definitely want to have some choice

Here is the web address:…

Another good free service is at:

Francisco Said:

I need to get a loan for college but I don't have a co-signer and any credit history. Don't know what to do ?

We Answered:

Just call up Sallie Mae (google them) - you can find a student loan without credit or a cosigner, you'll just pay more for it. If that doesn't work ask your bank.

Elmer Said:

Do you think Bill Gates has too much money?

We Answered:

Actually Bill Gates is VERY generous. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private philanthropic entity in the U.S. if not the world. He donates like 50-60% of his yearly income.

Bill plans to step down as CEO of Microsoft next year to devote himself full-time to philanthropy.

I may not like his marketing tactics, and we might even argue he could do more, but he is doing a LOT more than most rich people.

And he's encouraging other billionaires to ante up. Last year Warren Buffet gave $40 billion to the foundation.

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