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Scholarships For First Year College Students

Maureen Said:

Is it true that many students drop out on their first year of college?

We Answered:

While I am unsure of formal data collection on this, this does seem to be the case. For many, it is the first time being out on their own without the surveillance of parents, surrounded by new peers, a party atmosphere, and a new learning environment. The more focused and brighter students usually are fine, but even so, it is an adjustment for someone that is used to being the head of their class, and suddenly becoming average amongst many other intelligent people.

So indeed, it is the best advice to not get distracted, and continue doing WELL.

Claude Said:

what are the government / non-government scholarship available for a first year college student?

We Answered:

National merit scholarship and host of other scholarship sponsored by corporates. Consult with your college administrator and dean academy to know more.

Christopher Said:

Is it true many students drop out of college in their first year?

We Answered:

yes! so take their advice!!!

just do stuff in your free time....not during study time :) and organise organise!

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