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Lisa Said:

i'm 22 & my girlfriend is 17 and pregnant with our 1st child. how do i go about telling her mom?

We Answered:

First off just want to say good on you for handling the whole situation so well, and for caring about your gf :)
When you tell her parents it's important that she is there too and that she is the one that tells them. They will probably be a little upset if they hear it from you. Tell them that you are really sorry and never meant to happen, you're disappointed in yourselves, but that it's too late to change anything now and that you are ready to accept the responsibility.
About changing schools, is it possible to apply for another scholarship at a school closer to her? Have you looked around to see what courses they offer and whether any of those sound any good to you? It is probably a really good idea to talk to a counsellor at your college and explain the situation to them, and they will be able to help out on the academic side.
Ask your girlfriend whether she wants to stay with her, or to continue with your plans (she will probably tell its fine to go not transfer, but deep down she will probably eant you around). Weigh up the pros and cons. Talk it over with your families. Then decide.
I know it must be a hard decision between getting an education for yourself and to benefit your family or to give it up for your girlfriend and baby. But remember-you are having a child. You can't be selflish anymore. The babys needs come before yours now.
Goodluck, and hang in there, it sounds like you are a pretty great guy, and i'm sure all 3 of you will be fine. :)

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