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Scholarships For Undergraduate College Students

Scott Said:

i'm college student in uk, and i need living maintenance?

We Answered:

start begging ! no jst kidding .. ask more info from uni or college ! they knw better or if not then go to job centre in where ever u live! they might give u advice or might give u help !

Warren Said:

What is an undergraduate student?

We Answered:

An undergraduate student is one who is going for a two or four year college degree.. A graduate student is pursuing a higher degree such as a Masers or doctorate or is taking classes that may not even lead to a degree but still has that two year or college degree./

Gail Said:

As an undergraduate college student in the U.S., what are my options for taking out loans w/out a co-signer?

We Answered:

Private student loans are evil. If you can't afford college on federal student loans (that don't require a cosigner) alone the school is too expensive... and you should find a better school.

Rhonda Said:

I'm looking for scholarships or grants for undergraduate students. Any suggestions?

We Answered:

Stay away from loans as much as you can. You have no idea how burdensome it is to pay them back once you leave school.

There are tons of scholarships that go unclaimed each year. Many $400, $500 or $1000 scholarships never even get applied for because people think it's chump change and not worth applying for. Well, get a few of those $500 scholarships and it'll really make a dent in your tuition bill.

People make the mistake of looking for one big scholarship to pay for everything when they should be targeting smaller scholarships that are more regionalized or specialized to their intended field or reflect something unique about them (son of Italian policeman, daughter of registered nurse, etc). Everybody goes for the big scholarships, the competition for those is much higher and your chances are smaller of getting it. Research and apply for anything and everything you are close to being eligible for no matter how small the scholarship.

Do a search on scholarships, search your major, your ethnic heritage, your town, your parents employers, your employer, hobbies, high school, local Chamber of Commerce/Rotary/ Lion's Club etc. Left-handed? There is a scholarship out there for you! Older woman returning to school? There are scholarships out there for you. Do combined searches on more than one criteria "hispanic women aviation scholarships" etc.

Go to the library and ask the reference librarian for a reference book on scholarships. They usually have more than one. There are all kinds of scholarships out there, you just have to start applying yourself and make it your summer career to send out letters everyday for scholarships. Good luck!

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