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School Backpacks For College Students

Deborah Said:

Where are some places that I can find rolling backpacks?

We Answered:

here are a few places to look

JC Penney
All luggage stores

On line………

Robert Said:

college Students only: Where do you go to school, and how would you rate campus life/ would you recommend it?

We Answered:

I'm a freshman music major (bass performance) at the University of Michigan. Life is really independent, you have to do things on your own, but a lot of other stress is relieved. Overall, college life is incredible. The environment is nice, full of so many diverse people, so many activities (things you would never think you would hear of). You will never have to party no matter where you go. There will always be plenty of people not partying. The town just depends on where you go. I'm in Ann Arbor and the town itself isnt too exciting, but the campus makes up for everything.

Tyler Said:

do you think college students should get ready for metal dectectors?

We Answered:

They should get ready for on-line college courses and school supplies.

Chad Said:

Yo, college students, and maybe high school kids too...?

We Answered:

I love the sound the wheels make. I know it may annoy you with all their other flaws but that sound is just so soothing to me.
These kids are just thinking of their back health. It would hurt them to carry it up the stairs! Do you know how much those little wheels weigh?! Neither do I but I'm sure its allot and that's why they have to take the elevator!

Carol Said:

Attention college students lugging laptops… what do you use?

We Answered:

I bought an Eddie Bauer backpack that's got a padded laptop section, but also fits all my books and everything else. It's got an extra zipper just for the laptop part, so going through the airport I don't need to dig around in the whole thing looking for the laptop to go through screening.

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