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Science Projects For College Students

Lewis Said:

how to make working science projects at home?

We Answered:

excuse me frnd, i juz giv u a suggestion...
juz check out on the ineternet especially by the means of google search engine.......
its very useful there. u can find tons of projects there... i say its very useful and even one of my teachers selected a project from google only.

Ken Said:

Where to find competitions for college level students?

We Answered:

Most competitions take a lot of time at the university level..
Here are some in the links provided.

The robot contest.. there usually is one for tech schools. I know that caltech has one and this one is for MIT. There should be others around..

The last link is for the famous Putnam exam. More of a math contest than anything.. but physicists should be able to do that math, especially if you are into theory.

Hope it helps. Good Luck.

You should contact major universities like Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and MIT and find out what competitions there are in your area. They will have better resources.

Gina Said:

Hi everyone!!! Could some1 pls suggest me some science fair projects for college levels...?

We Answered:

These science fair sites might help:………………

Todd Said:

What are some good science projects?

We Answered:

How about those algae that can digest CO2 & produce bio-fuel?

Laurie Said:

What is a good science project for a college student?

We Answered:

It depends what kind of thing you're interested in. If ethics are involved, then I would suggest looking into something like lobotomies and whether or not it should be illegal to perform them on criminals/mental patients. If not, do something with astrology. Perhaps whether it is possible for us ever to find life on other planets.

It really depends what kind of science you're studying too.

Delores Said:

I'm BROKE and I'll make you a website for $100 flat fee in 6 days. Computer Science College Student -broke!?

We Answered:

Can you provide a portfolio?

Edwin Said:

Activities for college science students

We Answered:

a marketing plan for a product/service?

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