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Scripture For College Students

Rodney Said:

Does it bother you when Christians are lazy and unmotivated?

We Answered:

hmmm they seem to be a little more industrious than you so maybe you want to rethink your question?

Linda Said:

LDS: where can I download the entire scriptures to my laptop for free?

We Answered:

look up a baha'i program called Ocean! It is free and contains multiple religious documents... (will help for discussions with people of other religions)

It is free and searchable and you can limit it within specific religions (i.e. baptism then selecting Christianity)
It contains the LDS scriptures in their own folder under Christianity.

Sara Said:

Help finding scripture:?

We Answered:

The idea of a group of women focusing on themselves for a day is a bit scary. Now, if you were to focus on Jesus and his astonishingly revolutionary relationships with women, you might learn something worthwhile about how God views women. The gospels are full of this! Hope you all have a blessed day!

Lucille Said:

Is it really a bad idea to get my knuckles tattooed?

We Answered:

I would suggest that you get a temporary henna tattoo for at least a month or two to test it out. You have to think "Am I going to want this when I am old?" It WILL distort with age and you will have to live with it or get the more painful and expensive removal treatment.

It is true that most employers do not like visible tattoos, but they cannot discriminate because of appearance (unless the job is ABOUT your appearance, like modeling or acting). I would say IF you do get them, when you go for interviews, use make-up and cover them up well. Get hired first, then do a good job and they cannot fire you if they discover somewhere along the line that you have tattoos (unless it is specifically against company policy). Then all they can really do is request that you cover them with the make-up or gloves, rings, etc. while on the job.

The most important advice I can give you is something that many have already said and that is to be absolutely sure you want to do this before you try something so permanent.

Eva Said:

Needed: Fellow Christians. What should I do?

We Answered:

*Is Catholic*

Most universities require you to live in a dorm if you are a Frosh. or a Soph. It is, however, more expensive to on campus than off campus. You will have to live off campus if you are planning on not going home over the summer.

A Christian college is not a guarantee of a good college. Go to a college that will help you out with life especially your career. The actually on campus spiritual resources are more important than if the college uses a Christian name.

Undergrad at private universities runs around 20k per year( not including summer) tuition room and board. At State Schools and local colleges, it is much less but varies perhaps 12k per year. If you have good grades you can get scholarships to cut down on that. Your FAFSA (apply for that now) can net you around 10k per year in loans. If you work part time you can pull around $500 a month from a low paying student Job or 5k a year. If you work a high paying summer job long hours, you can earn several K a summer.

So it is possible to work your way through school even if your parents give you nothing. Just cut down on your expenses (particularly don't go to a university where you need a car and buy the store brand of food and don't buy a thing that isn't on sale)

With bible verses, don't quote scripture at people, especially if they are angry at you. Makes it worse.

I do not know your situation, so I cannot give you advice.

For getting plugged into spiritual life on universities look at and

Rita Said:

I want to go to a new youth group...But I'm not sure if I should?

We Answered:

Instead of leaving, get together with your pastor, and this youth group leader and address what you just said. That will get to the root of the problem, dispel any rumors, and bring the situation into the open. If the pastor of your church ignores the problem, then there is a problem. Never be afraid to confront situations in church, it is every Christians responsibility and authority to address and confront abuses in the ministry - but you must do so through the proper authority of the church, as directed. Be careful not to start rumors and stir up dissension or discord - even if you are right, spreading discord is one of the seven deadly sins.

Alex Said:

Would Christians and church leaders please look at this article and comment about it here?

We Answered:

Praise Jesus!!!! My insomnia is cured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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