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Service Trips For College Students

Debra Said:

Tours to foreign countries for a few weeks?

We Answered: is the best place to go for tours. You can compare prices, services, and get the best deal.

Anita Said:

What is the best source for donations toward a service trip?

We Answered:

One would have thought that the International Student Volunteers, Inc would be the best source of this type of information. The only other suggestion is that firstly you should get a part time job during summer vacations and save up this amount of money, then go on such a trip later.

Armando Said:

How do you transfer from a community college to Georgetown School of Foreign Service?

We Answered:

You need to contact the Registar's office at Georgetown for a definitive answer on this. Yahoo Answers is NOT the place to ask this very important question if you want a real answer.

I wish you luck. The State Dept. has it's faults, but it's better than most Government Agencies and you can have an entire career with them, see a lot of places and make some pretty good money in the process.

Melinda Said:

panic before college application ?

We Answered:

That's a good problem to have. If you have the money, apply to both.

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