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Software For College Students

Loretta Said:

i am a college student and i wants to work on live software project ?

We Answered:

Your best bet is to go through your college. You can also ask some of you professors. They may have grants from companies.

Most companies get interns through a relationship with a university.

Jack Said:

what is the best encyclopedia software for high school and college students?

We Answered:

Encarta's fine. Wikipedia's online for free - will be a sufficient reference in most cases. If you're usingn Wiki, you'll want to double check most important references for accuracy as it's publicly updated.

Eric Said:

is there any free software that a college student can get for free on thee computer?

We Answered:

Talk to your university's technology department/IT department. They give away free software sometimes. Of course, it's very hit-and-miss as far as the software being of any use to you. But every once in a while, they pass out some gems.

For instance, I got a copy of Corel Painter X ($400 program) from the IT dept at my school, for FREE!!

Gene Said:

What are the best software applications for college students?

We Answered:

Basic productivity: Open Office, Libre Office or MS Office
Image Editing: Gimp
Desktop Publishing: Scribus
3D graphics: Blender
Audio Editing: Audacity
SVG Editing: Inkscape
Audio/Video Player: VLC
Web Browser: Firefox
Ebook Organizing and Conversion: Calibre

Dwight Said:

College Students- What software should I install on a macbook?

We Answered:

Yeah, if you're willing to buy it get microsoft office, but if you're either poor or a cheap *** there's a few good open source word processors you can get for free.

Here's a site with a couple very useful open source programs:

Besides that all you need is ilife for media projects, but then again, that's sort of more on the high school level than college in my opinion.

As for macbook or macbook pro, i HIGHLY suggest getting the pro, you will thank yourself for it. After all, you are a professional student right? Don't you need a professional laptop? The extra ram and processing power will save you many migraines.

Also a note on word processing, don't forget that google has been working extensively on their "google documents" service, which lets you edit .doc and .ppt right on your web browser. While you made not want to type directly on google in fear of loosing your information, you can always use text edit, apple's included word processor, and copy paste it into google to reformat. However, I would just buy office if I were you, or use transmission in the link I included if you must.

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