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Sponsors For College Students

Curtis Said:

Who would be a great sponsor for a Breast Cancer Awareness program for college students?

We Answered:

Generally, sellers and makers of products for women. You'll have to send out a lot of requests/solicitations in order to get a sponsorship. Be sure you have permission to use the nonprofit number/details for the college where the program would be hosted in your request - no company will sponsor anything that is not an IRS approved nonprofit entity.

Alice Said:

Does anyone know any companies that sponsor college students who need money for college?

We Answered:

the biggest and richest company, US military.

Patsy Said:

Perhaps we need a new immigration bill?

We Answered:

You do have a point worth consideration, there has been bills recently with attachment regarding the "Dream" initiative, nightmare is more like it. and the "racist organization" La Raza is lobbying "bribing" for attachments on any bills for their racist agenda.
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Viva Zapata

Thomas Said:

Do any airlines offer student discounts? Input for sponsor ideas appreciated?

We Answered:

Yea there are a few websites that might help. Try the one below, I have friends who fly with them.

Stacy Said:

How can I sponsor a specific Chinese college student to come to the US for an education?

We Answered:

Call the immigration and America consular, they will provide u all the in formation

Edward Said:

A Question for the current and former college students?

We Answered:

wait, you only had 2 members in your club? was the election for president a tight race?

sorry, that's just funny. I got in on an athletic scholarship.


Sylvia Said:

Does anybody know if an airline will able to sponsor an Aviation Club for events with college students?

We Answered:

EAA or AOPA are better set up to do this.

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