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Statistics On Stds In College Students

Victoria Said:

Am I a thief? Consider the circumstances?

We Answered:

Yes. You are a thief.

Stealing is taking property that is no yours. Period.
You did this.
You stole.
You are a thief.

It doesn't matter if you know who's property it is or not. It doesn't matter if your own property had previously been stolen. It doesn't matter if the property was of little or of great value. The property was not yours. You took it. You are a sad, pathetic, petty, small, worthless human being.

All the BS justification you put around it is just that. BS pathetic self-justification. The only reason you feel the need to "justify" the action is because you know the action is not right and requires justification for even minimal acceptance.

Here's the funny thing about acts that aren't wrong. You don't feel like you have to provide justification for them.

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