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Std Statistics College Students

Mitchell Said:

how should i respond? i need advice!

We Answered:

No that's just barely know him that's your personal info, why should he care about core sores or std's or anything? You need to think more carefully about who you're talking to..

Dale Said:

chances of being raped?

We Answered:

Saying you have an STD won't stop a rape (I know, I tried that). Always carry your phone, and pepper spray (know how to use it without fumbling).
Always call somebody and let them know where you are going, with whom, and when you'll be back. Choose someone responsible. My mistake was that the person I chose to relay the message failed. He left without delivering the message, and my boyfriend assumed I had went home, so didn't worry.
Do not go out with someone alone until you have gone out in a group setting several times, or double date. If a guy makes you feel uneasy, or seems evasive about where he lives, who he knows, where he's from, etc. or seems really pushy about wanting to get you alone, stay away. Your gut feelings are usually correct.
Never accept an open beverage, unless you see it poured from the original container, and never leave your drink unattended. Date rape drugs are nearly always put in the girl's drink. Most college girls are victims of date rape or being careless. Walking through dark, remote areas alone at night is not safe. Get someone to walk with you, or take the longer, safer way. Use the buddy system whenever possible. Knowing somebody has got your back allows you to feel safe and enjoy yourself. Just remember to have her back, too!
If your school, or a local organization offers a self-defense class, take it. It may not save you from being attacked, but will teach you how to lessen the possibility, and how to get away if it does occur.
Just in case: If you ever wake up at a party and don't remember what happened, or think someone has had sex with you, or you are raped, go immediately to the nearest police station or medical treatment facility. Very often, a victim wants to shower and change first. Don't! There will be valuable evidence on your body, and possibly clothes, that medical personnel will need to collect.
If you are careful about where you go and who with, and avoid wandering alone in remote areas, you should be okay. If you drive, try to park near a main entrance. If you come out and there is a windowless van parked next to your car on your driver's side, always enter from the passenger side, and keep your doors locked. It is worth climbing over the console to keep safe. Very often, a predator will park next to a pretty, young girl's car (especially at shopping malls and the like), and when you are getting into your car, slide open the van door and snatch you. It can happen in a flash, and nobody will see anything. Avoid having a really "girly" looking car. No license plate with your name, Tinkerbell stuff, or bumper stickers that only girls would use. Stash the girl paraphernalia in the glove box, under the seat, or in the trunk. Keep it as gender neutral as posible, no reason to make yourself a target! You can also go back in and ask a security guard to walk you to your car. Tell him there is a suspicious van next to your car. That is one of their jobs, and they will always oblige.
Just be aware of your surroundings and don't take chances. Good luck!

Julio Said:

chances of being raped?

We Answered:

Statics says so, they might be true. Do consider the fact, won't they are religion specific.

Society too play a role in this regard. So, ask yourself, how many girls you know who have been raped. If none, why worrying alot. Be cool.

Rhonda Said:

Basic Statistics Questions?

We Answered:

When you make a claim about a population based on a sample, this is called statistical inference. In this case, the classmates constitute sample and all students in the university is the population.
answer: b. statistical inference

Data A is skewed to the left and data B is skewed to the right.

e. 7 million registered voters in the state

Jennifer Said:

College students who have unprotected sex, will lead to unwanted pregnancies,std's and emotional attachment.?

We Answered:

well i sounds like facts to me lol, id just interview a few pregnant college girls and youd get your answers , sounds like a stupid essay, like they are just trying to get you to not have sex

Hazel Said:

Is it considered racist to educate children about the MASSIVE disparties in STD's among races?

We Answered:

Apparently it is. Many inconvenient truths are considered to be racist. But if you can find a way to bash 'whitey' the party is on.

See what I mean.

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